Cryochaps cover all major structures in the lower leg

Provides cooling & compression

Reduces bleeding, swelling, stiffness & pain

Promotes recovery & healing

CRYOCHAPS – Routine use post injury

Using CRYOCHAPS After Injury

Horse owners will have experienced the time consuming process of having to hose down an injury to take the heat & swelling out. Whilst cold water may have a beneficial effect, using ice cold temperatures, will maximise the cold temperature which is an important therapy for treating bruises & strains.

Applying CRYOCHAPS decreases leg temperature, this reduces internal bleeding to the injury site by vasoconstriction & so lessens swelling. Reducing temperature using CRYOCHAPS is like applying an ice pack in humans & has been found to;

  • Reduce pain by raising the pain threshold, thus overriding the pain sensation
  • Reduce muscle spasm & the risk of cell death by decreasing the rate of metabolism
  • Decrease nerve transmission in pain fibres & cause endorphin release

CRYOCHAPS cover all major ligaments & tendons from the proximal suspensory ligament right down to the suspensory branch & annular ligament. Swelling after injury tracks up as well as down, so CRYOCHAPS give you full coverage of the lower limb to treat the effected & surrounding area. As well as the essential cold therapy CRYOCHAPS also provide the compression required in all recovery regimens.

CRYOCHAPS are a great idea for every horse owner’s medical kit & have been designed to be symmetrical so they will fit any leg. Please seek advice from your vet before using CRYOCHAPS for injury.