Boots and Bandages increase the heat in the Tendons

Core tendon temperatures increase as the speed of the horse increases due to the energy of the expanding and contracting tendon releasing energy in the form of heat. Using boots and bandages is common practice and, just like us wearing too many clothes when exercising we get hot, the horse’s legs too will increase in temperature when wearing bandages or some boots(1). While temperatures experienced in the central core of the SDFT are unlikely to result in tendon cell death, repeated heating when exercising can result in tendon central core degeneration which weakens the tendon. Cooling the legs as quickly as possible may help minimise any damage. In the picture, you see the areas that are hotter on the leg, indicated by the white colouring, where the open fronted tendon boot was placed. Using Ice cold Cryochaps helps quickly reduce the heat in the leg after exercise.

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(1)The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Boots and Bandages on Tendons When Working a Horse – Emma Green 2014

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