How to Apply

CRYOCHAPS can be placed flat in a standard freezer (-24° Celsius) overnight, to receive the optimum cooling effect. Alternatively place in freezer for approx. 4 hours before immediate use. If you have no freezer at your yard or you are travelling a competition, tests have shown that if you place in a freezer overnight and then place in an insulating cooler bag with ice blocks, then Cryochaps will still achieve effective cooling after up to 4 hours in the cooler bag. Cool boxes may achieve far longer.

Cryochaps cool bags have been tested to keep the Cryochaps cool for up to 4 hours (ambient temperature between 18-24° Celsius), this is with the bag packed out fully with cool blocks.

If repeated use is required then a minimum of 2 hours back in the freezer at -24° Celsius will adequately refreeze. (Cryochaps will still be slightly frozen hence the difference form 4 hours stated above)

Using Post Exercise, apply to the leg for 10-15 mins. For best results wet the leg before application. Temperatures are maintained below 10°-15° for this time period. If your horses’s leg is not cool to the touch when you take Cryochaps off, they were not frozen adequately before application.

Within the first 24-48 hours after injury, apply for up to 20mins, temperatures against the leg will be maintained below 10°-15°. Application can be repeated every 2-3 hours, ensure you take advice from your vet before using after injury. CRYOCHAPS should not be used on open wounds or if suspected infection. If your horse has sensitive legs, or clipped legs, it is advised to cover. CRYOCHAPS should not be left on the leg longer than 20 mins, there is no medical benefit to be gained by leaving them on for longer. You run the risk of damaging the skin.

Applying to the leg.

The branded label and Velcro section signify the outside of the wrap and should be kept outermost when applying to the leg. Please follow the instructions and pictures below;

Label Markings

The right leg is signified by R on the outer label above the horse head. L for Left.
HH is Horse Hind – HF is Horse Front and will be above the ‘C’ of CRYOCHAPS

Right Layout

The branded label and Velcro should be on the outside.
The branded label also signifies the top of the wrap. Layout opposite for right leg.

The Left leg will be marked L and have either HH or HF marked to signify hind and front leg of the horse.

The end of the gel section of the wrap, is placed to the front of the leg so the top of the wrap is just under the bony projection of the side of the knee or side of the hock.

Make sure the raised top section of the gel boot is aligned with the back of the leg

Wrap around the leg and secure the straps to the Velcro. I find it easiest to secure a middle strap first and then attach the top strap and work down.

Do not cup underneath the fetlock with the bottom strap, place around the fetlock for the best uniform compression.

Tighten after a couple of minutes to ensure the boot is secure to the leg as the Gel will soften once strapped on.

If your horse is uncomfortable with wearing boots or bandages and kicks out or significantly curls the fetlock joint when applying wraps or boots, you may run the risk of splitting Cryochaps. It is strongly advised to monitor the horse on the first few applications to make sure they are comfortable. Place the Cryochaps as high up the leg as feasible on the first few applications and do not ‘cup’ the fetlock with the bottom strap, just place around the fetlock not under it. If significant force is applied by mistake to the wrap, you could see signs of the gel leaking out, it is non toxic so do not panic, however you could void the warranty so apply with care initially until your horse is relaxed to wear a wrap!