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Cryochaps are innovative horse leg wraps designed to ice the legs post-workout in order to prevent injury. By capturing the power of ice bath therapy in a simple and effective leg wrap, our ice boots provide the ideal post-workout cool-down. Highly portable, Cryochaps are great for at the yard, competitions, or clinics.

Equine injuries to the lower limbs, both front and hind, are a common occurrence in this day and age. Horses are designed to be super quick and supple, balancing 500kg of bone and muscle on four legs. Humans have selectively bred the horse to become more agile, more expressive, more powerful, faster and stronger. However, their limbs do not always cope, and as any owner will know, injuries are commonplace. Due to increased knowledge in the veterinary world, as well as better diagnostic technology, ligament and tendon injuries can now be diagnosed much more often. Furthermore, diagnosis will then lead to the time consuming rehabilitation that accompanies it.

By harnessing the preventative and healing benefits of ice bath therapy, we have created an equine ice boot that could be effective at preventing injury as well as encouraging healing. With our ice boots for horses, there is no need to stand around with the hose, soaking the entire yard as you try to cool their legs down!

Why Choose Cryochaps Ice Boots for Horses?

Target Inflammation
Cryochaps ice boots target the heat and inflammation in the lower leg that is created during exercise.

Cryochaps use compression as well as ice. Recovery from exercise is significantly improved when using ice and compression rather than just ice alone.

Our cooling boots for horses quickly cool the surface leg temperature to under 10 degrees. Low leg temperatures can be maintained up to 1hr after removal.

Our compression ice boots for horses are easy to apply, giving great coverage with no slippage. Just wrap and strap straight from the freezer. No inserts. No fuss.

Lower Tendon Temperatures
Icing horses’ legs has been proven to lower tendon temperatures. This could help prevent damage by reducing the chance of the soft tissues over heating.

Icing has been proven to reduce the inflammatory response caused by exercise and injury. Icing and compression is more effective in aiding recovery than icing alone.

Fast Cooling
Cryochaps cooling boots achieve faster cooling rates compared to other commercially available cooling products for horses.

Learn More About Ice Boots, Your Horse’s Legs and The Importance of Cooling

We base our ice boots on scientific research and evidence. Our understanding of the horse’s legs – particularly the soft tissues – and our commitment to science and equine welfare is what drives us to create our equine ice boots. Understanding how our horses move, why the legs are vulnerable to injury and how we as riders can minimise that risk helps us do right by our horses. Read our blog articles to learn more about the science behind Cryochaps and the importance of cooling the horse’s legs after exercise.