Impact of the stance

The stance phase of the stride is as the hoof contacts and leaves the ground.

The 4 main structures in the lower leg take the strain during stance. These are the Superficial Digital Flexor tendon (SDFT), the Deep Digital Flexor tendon (DDFT), Distal Check Ligament (DCL) and Suspensory Ligament (SL). These are the most common structures to be injured and this is caused most commonly by chronic overload (i.e. a slow build-up of micro tears to the structures over time which then leads to rupture). Acute overload which is a one-off incident is rare.

The slow build-up of micro tears created during exercise leads to inflammation. If they are not given the chance to heal, this will lead to chronic inflammation and the chance of rupture.

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(1)Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2017) 16, 333-342 The Effects Combining Cryocompression Therapy following an Acute Bout of Resistance Exercise on Performance and Recover William H. DuPont

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