SDFT (superficial digital flexor tendon) is most common injury

The superficial digital flexor tendon is the most commonly injured structure in the equine lower leg. It is subjected to very high loads, up to 1–2 tonnes of weight(1); this is amazing when you think that it is approximately just over a cm in diameter and 45 cm in length.

When it takes this load it stretches up to 16% during high-speed movement (2). This is very close to its failure strain with rupture rates tested in the laboratory at 12-20% (3). Micro tears will occur causing low-level inflammation that may not be seen as visible swelling in the lower leg.

Ice and compression have been used for many years to treat inflammation after exercise. Using Cryochaps after exercise will administer ice and compression.

(1&3)Goodship et al., 1994 (2)Stephens et al., 1989

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