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Cryochaps | Products to keep Horses’ legs cool | Ice Boots & Air Flow Exercise Boots

Your horse’s legs are key to their performance. Be it training or competing for any discipline, showjumping, dressage, eventing, or just riding for pleasure, Your horse’s legs work hard, so it makes sense to give them the very best in leg protection and post-exercise recovery. Cryochaps is a UK company specialising in leg cooling and protection products for the equine athlete. Our cooling boots for horses are designed to aid your horse’s performance and recovery, whilst they try their best for us. The Cryochaps brand of products are tried, tested and backed by science. For all-round equine leg cooling and protection, Cryochaps have a product for you.

During Exercise: Protect your horse’s legs from injuries, brushing and interference with our FEI-legal, air flow, Exoskeleton exercise boots. The most protective on the market compared to other comparable tendon boots we have tested. The tendon boots feature extra large, strategically-placed vents and use forced convection technology to provide significant air flow through the boot, making them one of the best air flow tendon boots on the market. Both tendon and fetlock boots are super lightweight, even after getting wet, so they do not interfere with the horses gait, heavy boots can tire the horse unnecessarily. Wicking and cushioning materials, keep the legs as dry as possible to prevent rubbing and safeguard against impact.

After Exercise: Cool your horse’s legs quickly and effectively with Cryochaps compression ice boots for horses. These versatile horse ice wraps have been seen to be as effective as cold hosing in reducing temperatures and are truely portable, staying frozen for many hours in the Cryochaps Cool bag. Cryochaps ice boots were one of the first to combine ice and compression which enhances the cold therapy effectiveness meaning you only need to use for a short 10-15 minute application.

After Injury: Cryochaps are an ice and compression boot that can be used for acute injuries. They are quick and simple to apply, straight from the freezer, and can help manage the significant swelling that occurs in a horse leg injury. This may mean there is a better outcome to the injury.

Cryochaps Ice and Compression Boots for Horses

Cryochaps cooling boots for horses provide excellent cooling and compression after exercise or after injury. Available as a knee-to-fetlock horse ice boot, the K2F. Or a versatile ice wrap for horses legs, used to cool knees, hocks and pasterns, the Absolute Wrap.

Fantastic Coverage: These ice boots cover all the major tendons and ligaments in the lower leg
Malleable: Easily mould to the shape of the horse’s legs.
Incredible Contact: Our cooling, ice and compression boots for horses provide brilliant cold transfer because they have great contact to the whole leg

Compression: Cryochaps ice boots have a novel compression sleeve which means uniform compression across the entire leg helping reduce swelling and driving cold deep into the horses leg. The compression sleeve also holds the wrap tight to the leg to prevent slippage.
Slimline Fit: Does not restrict movement, so horses are happier and more comfortable wearing the ice boots.

Exoskeleton Vented Air Flow Exercise Boots

The Exoskeleton vented horse tendon boots have been designed to provide ultimate impact protection, whilst minimising potentially harmful heat build up during exercise. These FEI-legal exercise boots use innovative forced convection cooling technology which increases air flow over the back of the leg, helping to reduce the leg temperatures. Heat build up is a common issue when using standard boots and bandages during exercise as they are known to insulate the leg. Exoskeleton air flow boots are revolutionising designs to be one of the least insulating boots on the market as well as the most protective. The Exoskeleton range includes a front brushing, tendon boot and fetlock boot.

Superior Protection: Better impact protection than most leading brands of horse exercise boot tested
High Performance: Maintains cooler leg temperatures than other breathable horse boots on the market
Vented: The vented horse boot has the largest vents of any tendon boot for horses, creating the best air flow, breathable horse boot on the market.
No Neoprene: Neoprene holds water, can insulate and make the legs sweat and is not the ‘go to’ for certified body protection in humans. The Exoskeleton brushing boots are made of approved materials taken from the martial arts body protection industry, these materials are known to dissipate impact better than neoprene.

The Exoskeleton horse protection boots are one of the lightest on the market and have the least insulating properties, along with tested impact protection to rival comaprable boots.

Cryochaps Ice Boots Cool Bag

The Cryochaps Cool Bag is ideal for transporting your horse ice and compression boots to competitions, lessons and arena hires. Take the power of ice bath therapy wherever you go with our versatile cool bag.

Insulated Pocket: Keeps Cryochaps frozen for 6-7 hours
Handy Storage Areas: 3 other pockets for everything and anything plus a drinks holder
Easy to Carry: Over the shoulder straps to be worn as a rucksack or single carry handle

Lightweight Saddle Pad

Keep your horse cool and comfortable with the Cryochaps Saddle Pad. Smart enough for competitions and durable enough for everyday use, choose from grey or white for dressage, close contact or GP saddles.

Lightweight: Prevents horses getting too hot
No Rubbing: Soft materials and thin binding
Long in the Spine: So half pads sit nicely on top of the saddle pad

Kyowave Mud Fever Boots

Mud fever can be a stubborn, unsightly and very uncomfortable condition for the horse. Our blue light boots destroy bacteria known to cause mud fever.

Blue Light: Destroys the bacteria known to cause skin conditions like mud fever
Battery Operated: Portable
Simple to Use: Just apply for 30 minutes daily

Heat and Your Horse’s Legs: The Role of Exercise Boots and Ice Boots

During exercise, your horse’s legs will heat up. This heat can reach potentially damaging levels, particularly during fast or intense work. Your choice of exercise boots, combined with the method you use to cool your horse’s legs after exercise, are key. Learn more about the role of horse boots – both ice boots for horses and exercise tendon boots for horses – in managing heat in your horse’s legs with our article for Horsemart.

Learn About Your Horse’s Legs With Our Blog

From equine distal limb anatomy to common soft tissue injuries, our blog contains useful articles for horse owners and riders who want to learn more about their horses’ legs. We also take a deep-dive into the science behind our products and how our cooling boots for horses are developed.