Ice Boots for Horses

Our ice boots for horses have been designed to help your horse after injury and exercise. More importantly, Cryochaps are designed to be part of your horse’s everyday cool-down routine. Our focus is on post-exercise recovery and injury prevention for your horse.

Cryochaps ice boots for horses are available as a single, pair or quad set of ice wraps. The Cryochaps K2F ice boot is designed to cover all the major tendons and ligaments in the lower leg. Meanwhile, the Absolute Wrap is designed to be used on the knee, hock, or anywhere on the leg – ideal for those knocks and kicks!

Why Choose Cryochaps Ice Boots for Horses?

Target Inflammation

Cryochaps ice boots target the heat and inflammation in the lower leg that is created during exercise.

Fast Cooling

Our cooling boots achieve faster cooling rates compared to other commercially available cooling products for horses.


Icing horses’ legs has been proven to lower tendon temperatures. This could prevent damage caused by over heating.


Icing has been proven to reduce the inflammatory response caused by exercise.

Ice & Compression

Icing and compression is more effective in aiding post-exercise recovery than icing alone.


Our cooling boots for horses quickly cool the surface leg temperature to under 10 degrees. Low leg temperatures can be maintained up to 1hr after removal.


Cryochaps use compression as well as ice. Recovery from exercise is significantly improved when using ice and compression rather than just ice alone. 


Our compression ice boots for horses are easy to apply, giving great coverage with no slippage. Just wrap and strap straight from the freezer. No inserts. No fuss. 

Purchase Ice Boots for Horses

Single Ice Boot

Prices from
Injury to just one leg? The single option has got you covered
Reversible so can apply to the right or left leg
Cover all major tendons and ligaments in the lower leg
Easy to apply: Just wet the leg, wrap and strap

Pair of Ice Boots

Prices from
Great for you horse’s post-exercise cool down
Available as either a front or hind pair of ice boots
Cover all major tendons and ligaments in the lower leg
Suitable for all disciplines

Quad Wrap Set

Prices from
Look after all four of your horse’s legs
Contains a front and hind pair of ice boots
All-round cooling and compression after exercise or injury
Ultimate cooling and compression wraps for any discipline

Absolute Wrap

Prices from
The best hoof and pastern coverage on the market
Can be used on your horse’s knees, hocks and any part of the leg
Versatile must-have ice wrap for knocks and kicks
Easy to apply: Just wet the leg, wrap and strap for fast cooling and compression

Ice Boot Cool Bag

Take your compression ice boots for horses with you anywhere
Ideal for lessons, shows, events and competitions
Plenty of pockets to carry the essentials
Keep your ice boots cool for up to 7 hours