About Cryochaps

Why choose Cryochaps products for your horse? Cryochaps as a company has developed over the years to bring horse owners products that are developed, tried, tested and backed by science. A brief overview of products below, all are scientifically proven and, the team work with professionals to produce published studies and validate results.

Ice Boots for Horses

Ice wraps for horses have been designed to help your horse after injury and exercise. Injuries more commonly occur during training. To try and reduce the risk of strain injuries Cryochaps ice boots can be introduced as part of your horse’s everyday cool-down routine, the focus being on post-exercise recovery.

Cryochaps ice boots for horses are available as a single, pair or quad set of ice wraps. The Cryochaps K2F ice boot is designed to cover all the major tendons and ligaments in the lower leg. Meanwhile, the Absolute Wrap is designed to be used on the pastern, knee or hock.

Exoskeleton Air Flow Exercise Boots

The Exoskeleton are horse exercise boots like no other. They provide maximum protection and revolutionary ventilation, thereby protecting your horse’s legs whilst keeping them cooler than other boots that have been tested.

Three layers of lightweight, flexible and tough armour provide ultimate impact protection, dissipating the force of any strike or brush.

The Exoskeleton breathable boot’s allow the heat to escape freely during exercise through vents either side of the tendon. The innovative vents force air over the back of the leg to create a cooling effect, the faster the leg moves the more air passes through the vents and hence the more heat is removed.

In effect the Exoskeleton boots are air cooled armour – Proven to keep the legs cooler and protect better than other leading brands

Kyowave Blue Light Boots

Cryochaps have also created an innovative blue light boot for horses. The Kyowave uses blue light technology to target and destroy the bacteria that cause skin infections such as mud fever. 

Blue light technology is already used in human medicine. This is partly in response to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. 

Kyowave is available to purchase as a single boot or a pair of boots. Find out more about the science behind our blue light boots and purchase Kyowave today.