After Injury

Cryochaps cover all major structures in the lower leg

Provides cooling & compression

Ice and compression reduces, swelling and pain

Ice and Compression promotes recovery and healing

Using CRYOCHAPS after Injury

Horse owners will have experienced the time consuming process of having to hose down an injury to take the heat & swelling out. Cold hosing is proven to have a beneficial effect, adding Cryochaps to the injury routine will give an extra hit of cold as well as compression which can help target the inflammation.

The Theory

Applying CRYOCHAPS decreases leg temperatures. Decreasing leg temperatures, reduces internal bleeding to the injury site by vasoconstriction & so lessens swelling. Reducing temperature using CRYOCHAPS is like applying an ice pack in humans, which has been found to;

Reduce pain by raising the pain threshold, thus overriding the pain sensation

Decreases the rate of metabolism and hence reduces the inflammatory response

Decrease nerve transmission in pain fibres & cause endorphin release

Compression can also help minimize swelling

CRYOCHAPS cover major ligaments & tendons from the proximal suspensory ligament right down to the suspensory branch & annular ligament. Swelling after injury tracks up as well as down, so CRYOCHAPS give you full coverage of the lower limb. As well as the essential cold therapy CRYOCHAPS also provide the compression required in all recovery regimens.

CRYOCHAPS are a great idea for every horse owner’s medical kit & have been designed to be symmetrical so they will fit any leg. Please seek advice from your vet before using CRYOCHAPS for injury.

Cryochap with tendons