Age and Injury

The risk of injury to the lower leg in horses is well documented to increase with age (1). This is due to an accumulation of minor injuries that often go unnoticed over the years, as well as the tendons and ligaments stiffening with age, so they become less stretchy, therefore more likely to suffer injury by being over stretched. You will probably know from personal experience how you become less flexible with age and how returning to fitness is sometimes a little harder as we get older. Age and exercise create a slow degeneration in the tendons and ligaments making them more susceptible to injury. Using Cryochaps to cool and compress the legs after exercise may help target any inflammation caused by minor injuries. Look after your horses’ legs and they can continue to compete well into their teens. Midnight Dazzler ridden by Harry Meade was retired at age of 20 from eventing, Parzival a dressage horse ridden by Adelinde

 Cornelissen got team silver and individual bronze at the 2012 Olympics, also at age 20.

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(1)Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A 133 (2002) The influence of ageing and exercise on tendon growth and degeneration—hypotheses for the initiation and prevention of strain induced tendinopathy R.K.W Smith

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