Exoskeleton Air Flow Tendon and Fetlock Boots

The new tendon and fetlock boots from Cryochaps take your horse to a different level of cooling and protection.

Tendon and Fetlock Boots That Allow Optimum Air flow for Cooling

Cooling is at the heart of all Cryochaps products, and the Exoskeleton tendon and fetlock boots are no different.

Heat build-up within the horse’s legs is a known issue with horse boots and bandages, due to their insulating effect. So, we dedicated ourselves to discovering how to create the best air flow for cooling, without compromising on protection. We have developed a revolutionary tendon boot system. A process of forced convection allows air to pass over the back of the leg, the faster the leg goes through the flight phase the greater the cooling effect.

Exoskeleton air flow boots for horses could minimise potentially harmful heat build-up during exercise.

Find out more about the science behind The Exoskeleton.

Protection from Brushing and Tendon Strikes

The main strike areas of the horse’s front legs have been researched and a protective boot has been created that is lightweight and strong to dissipate impact away from the leg.

The Exoskeleton exercise boot is able to withstand high and repeated impact, with maximum durability. The external armour and ispecialised impact reducing materials are designed to provide excellent shock absorption. The boot can deform under sudden or sustained impact and revert to its original dimensions without damage, providing the ultimate in shock absorption.

The boot is made from specific wicking materials so they are less likely to hold water or sweat, which keeps it lightweight during intense exercise and also prevents rubbing.

Exoskeleton tendon boots have been impact tested against other well known brands in the market and found to be more protective when compared on a like for like basis.

The Exoskeleton exercise boot conforms to FEI regulations for show jumping and cross country competitions. The Exoskeleton vented boots are great for training, flatwork, jumping, hacking and general wear. No need for a different boot for different disciplines, Exoskelton are brushing boots, cross-country boots, dressage boots and show jumping boots all in one.

Fetlock Boots – FEI Legal

To complement the tendon boots there are also matching fetlock boots. These lessen the impact through the boot, caused by fetlock strikes and brushing. The vented fetlock boots are very lightweight, at only 99g per boot. All Cryochaps air flow boots are made of materials that wick away sweat and water. This helps to prevent rubs as wet legs tend to make the skin soft which is the main cause of rubbing. Being fast-drying also helps in the wet soggy days of winter, no more cold wet, water logged boots to apply.

Exoskeleton fetlock boots are FEI legal for every class, including young horse competitions:

  • The inside of the boot has a smooth surface and there are no pressure points on the inside of the boot.
  • The maximum interior length is 16 centimetres
  • The width of the fastener is over five centimetres.
  • The fastening is non-elastic, it is made of Velcro and there are no hooks, buckles, or clips and the fastener does not double back on itself.

Impact Tested Exercise Boots

Exoskeleton air flow boots have been impact tested against similar market leading exercise boots. The graph shows the force transmitted through the exercise boot.

Far less force was transferred through Exoskeleton than the comparators.

Triple layer of Lightweight Armor with vents for Convection Cooling

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Learn More About Our Tendon and Fetlock Boots and the Science Behind Exoskeleton

Cryochaps products are designed with equine wellbeing and performance front and centre. When designing the Exoskeleton, we sought to discover the optimum balance between impact protection and minimising potentially harmful heat buildup. Read our blog articles to learn more about the science behind the Exoskeleton tendon and fetlock boots.