Why use Cryochaps

* Covers most major tendons and ligaments in the lower leg. * Symmetrical so can be applied to any leg. * Brings the outside leg temperature down in less a minute to desired range and maintains for up to 20 minutes. * Easy to apply and easy to store. * If frozen solid overnight, can…


Ice and Compression for pain relief

Cold therapy is proven to provide pain relief, this is done by decreasing nerve conduction velocity. Some horses will actually doze off when using Cryochaps so they must enjoy it? Who wouldn’t want to give your horse some relief after they have given you a super workout? Use Cryochaps after every hard session!


Do you notice that your horses’ windgalls on their hind legs increase in size after jumping? An excessive amount of strain goes through the hind leg as the horse takes off, stretching tendons and ligaments in the lower leg to the max. Cryochaps ice wraps, use the powers of ice and compression to target those…