Care of Cryochaps

Cryochaps ice boots are durable and designed to be used time and time again. However, they require a level of care and maintenance in order to work at their best and stay in top condition. Please watch the video and read the information below to learn about how to care for your Cryochaps.

Caring For Your Cryochaps Cooling Wraps for Horses

It is important to dry Cryochaps out properly before returning them to the freezer. This is done to try to prevent freezer damage. Freeze damage occurs when the water freezes and expands within the material’s pores. As the water freezes and expans within the material, the tensile stress on the material increases. If this stress exceeds the tensile strength, the pore walls will weaken. This increases the material’s porosity and weakens the material. Overall the freeze-thaw cycles will cause damage to the material. This, combined with not redistributing gel regularly back up the wrap, can cause gel break through.