Cryochaps Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for Horse Owners

Posted on September 30, 2022 by Categories: Cryochaps, Exoskeleton, Kyowave
cryochaps christmas gifts for horse owners

The festive season is upon us and it’s time to begin the annual search for that perfect Christmas gift. However, there are so many Christmas gifts for horse owners out there, it can be tricky to find something that will make them say “WOW”. We’ve compiled a guide full of Christmas gift ideas for horse owners to help you discover an exceptional gift for the discerning horse owner in your life. 

Christmas Gifts For the Competitive Rider

We have designed Cryochaps products especially for the competitive rider and their equine teammates. Competition riders love our products and they would make the aspiring eventer, show jumper or dressage rider very happy this Christmas! Check out our top products for the competitive horse rider this Christmas:

Exoskeleton Exercise Boots

Our newest product, the Exoskeleton, is an exercise boot like no other. Super lightweight, with superior impact and strike protection, the Exoskeleton also boasts a patented forced convection cooling system. The Exoskeleton is suitable for hacking, schooling and lunging and is FEI legal. It has been especially popular with our showjumping customers, but is also suitable for eventing / cross country. A fantastic Christmas gift ready for the indoor showjumping season or training for next year’s eventing season!

We have designed the Exoskeleton tendon boots to fit horses 15hh and up, with an 18-23cm bone. 

The Exoskeleton is available in Black and Tan. Front pair £85.

The exoskeleton tendon boots for horses. Ideal gift for competitive horse owners.
The Exoskeleton tendon boot for horses uses a patented forced convection cooling system to force air across the back of the leg as the horse moves. Ideal for showjumping and eventing.

Cryochaps K2F Ice Boots

Next on our list of Christmas gifts for horse owners is the Cryochaps K2F ice boot. Every serious rider knows how important it is too cool their horse’s legs quickly after exercise. No matter their discipline or level, ice and compression is a key element of the post-exercise cool down routine. Riders can use these ice boots all year round after every training session, hack or competition.

Cryochaps K2F Ice Boots are available as a single ice boot, pair or quad set from £49.99.

Cryochaps k2f ice boots for horses. Great gift for horse owners.
The Cryochaps K2F ice boots for horses provide ultimate cooling and compression to the soft tissues in the lower legs. Can be used after every competition, hack or training session.

Cryochaps Lightweight Saddle Pad

A horse owner can never have too many saddle pads! We designed our saddle pad to be cool, lightweight and super comfortable for the horse.

The Cryochaps Saddle Pad is available in white and grey, for dressage or jumping saddles. £34.99

cryochaps lightweight saddle pad
The Cryochaps saddle pad is super lightweight and does not create uneven pressure or rubbing. Perfect for dressage or jumping.

A Gift For the Horse Owner at War With Mud Fever

Do you know a horse owner who is tearing their hair out over mud fever? You’ve watched them, desperate and in vain, apply various boots, bandages, ointments and powders to their horse’s legs, only for those unsightly and very sore scabs to return time and time again. Kyowave is an innovative mud fever boot that uses blue light therapy to target and kill the bacteria that causes mud fever. Tried, tested and proven to kill the bacteria known to cause mud fever, Kyowave is battery operated and portable. 

Available as a Single Boot or Pair from £185.

kyowave mud fever therapy boots
Kyowave mud fever therapy boots by Cryochaps use innovative blue light therapy to kill the bacteria known to cause mud fever in horses.

A Christmas Gift for the Horse Owner Who Is Always Prepared

We’d all love to be that horse owner. The one with the perfectly organised and fully-stocked first aid kit. The one who always seems to be prepared for any and all eventualities. Sadly, most of us aren’t that horse owner, but we can give each other a leg up this Christmas with the Cryochaps Absolute Wrap. Riders can use the Absolute Wrap as an ice pack in the event of injury. The wrap is designed to provide much-needed ice and compression to the injured area, both in the first instance as well as during the rehabilitation process. Perfect for the equine first aid kit!

Riders can use The Absolute Wrap after exercise as part of the horse’s cool down routine. Ideal for knees, hocks, fetlocks and pasterns.

The Absolute Wrap is sold as a pair. £91.99.

cryochaps absolute wraps
Cryochaps Absolute Wraps are a handy addition to any horse owner’s equine first aid kit!

A Gift for the Horse Owner Who is Always on the Move

Do you know a horse rider who loves to box up and head to the beach, arena hire or clinic? Travelling with an equine companion requires a lot of packing, and some things need to be kept cool for the long day ahead. 

Why not treat them to the Cryochaps cool bag? Designed to keep their Cryochaps frozen for up to six hours, our cool bag has enough space for a quad set of K2F ice boots and a pair of Absolute Wraps. The cool bag also features a drinks holder and space for all those bits and bobs, such as plaiting bands, hair nets and snacks for horse and rider!

Our cool bag is also great for transporting picnics!

The Cryochaps Cool Bag is available for £49.99

cryochaps cool bag
The Cryochaps Cool Bag is ideal for transporting Cryochaps ice boots, water bottles and even picnics!

For Christmas Gifts for Horse Owners, Shop Cryochaps This Christmas

Stuck for gift ideas for horse owners this Christmas? We design our range of ice boots, exercise boots and saddle pads for the performance equestrian who wants nothing but the best for their horse. Get your equestrian Christmas shopping underway early this year and treat the horse owner in your life. Our superior quality, professional-grade products are ideal for competitive riders in all disciplines. Tried, tested and developed with horse welfare and performance front and centre, Cryochaps products are second to none. Shop Cryochaps online today.