Christmas Gifts for Horses Who Have Everything

Posted on October 17, 2022 by Categories: Cryochaps, Exoskeleton, Kyowave
Cryochaps Christmas Gifts for Horses

The festive season is fast approaching, and horse owners will be looking for that special gift for their equine friend. Choosing Christmas gifts for horses who already have everything can be tricky. Thankfully, Cryochaps is here for you this Christmas with a selection of premium gifts for horses. Whether your horse is a bold eventer, super showjumper or dressage diva, we have something for them! Browse our Christmas gift guide to discover our selection of top equestrian cooling products.

For Eventers and Show Jumpers: The Exoskeleton Exercise Boot

exoskeleton tendon boot
The Exoskeleton Tendon Boot makes a fantastic Christmas gift for horses who need impact protection for eventing or show jumping.

Your horse deserves the very best in impact and strike protection. However, they also need effective ventilation for their precious legs. Now, they can have both with The Exoskeleton tendon boots by Cryochaps. 

With a durable external and internal armour, The Exoskeleton provides superior strike protection. Whilst the external armour is designed to provide unparalleled impact protection where it’s needed most, the internal secondary armour provides softness, flexibility and durability. The boot can deform on impact and revert repeatedly, allowing it to perform time and time again. 

However, our tendon boots are not just designed to protect the soft tissues from impacts. We have designed the Exoskeleton tendon boot to maximise airflow and minimise heat build up in the soft tissues. The Exoskeleton uses patented forced convection cooling technology to minimise the build up of heat in the leg during exercise. As the horse moves, air is forced across the back of the leg through the strategically placed vents.

The Exoskeleton is super lightweight and it dries quickly, making it ideal for hacking and eventing. Furthermore, it conforms to FEI boot regulations, making it ideal for the performance horse. The Exoskeleton has been designed with your horse’s comfort in mind. It does not slip or rub due to the spacer fabric, which wicks away moisture and provides cushioning. 

Suitable for eventing, showjumping, hacking and schooling, the Exoskeleton exercise boot by Cryochaps makes the ultimate Christmas gift for your horse. Now available along with matching, FEI legal fetlock boots.

The Exoskeleton is available in black or brown. £85.00

For Those Knocks and Bumps: The Cryochaps Absolute Wrap

cryochaps absolute wraps
Cryochaps Absolute Wrap

It’s very common for horses to sustain minor knocks, kicks or bumps out in the field, in the stable or whilst travelling. Try as we might to protect their legs with boots, bandages and a deep bed, it’s always useful to have our ice wraps on hand just in case.

Whether your horse takes a kick out in the field, a knock in the stable or a bump during exercise, applying ice and compression as soon as possible can help to minimise pain and swelling. The Cryochaps Absolute Wrap is super versatile and is ideal for hocks, knees, fetlocks and hooves. These ice wraps can be used in the event of injury or after exercise as part of your everyday cool down regime. 

The Absolute Wrap is available as a pair. £91.99 

For Complete Post-Exercise Leg Cooling: The Cryochaps K2F Ice Boots

cryochaps k2f ice boots for horses
Cryochaps K2F Ice Boots for Horses

Why not upgrade your horse’s post-exercise cool down regime this Christmas? If you usually spend ages soaking your horse’s legs (and the yard) with a hosepipe, it’s time to switch to Cryochaps. Our K2F ice boots provide full knee-to-fetlock coverage of the major tendons and soft tissues, and the stretch neoprene sleeve adds that all important compression. Add the Cryochaps K2F ice boots to your horse’s post-exercise regime this Christmas for optimum cooling and compression. 

The Cryochaps K2F ice boots are available as a single wrap, pair or quad set. From £49.99

For The Horse That Cannot Have Too Many Saddle Pads: The Cryochaps Saddle Pad

cryochaps saddle pad
Cryochaps Non-Slip Saddle Pad

For many horse owners, there is no excuse like Christmas to get your horse another saddle pad. Our non-slip saddle pads are super comfortable and lightweight, with no harsh seams or raised binding. Available in white or grey, for dressage or GP saddles, the Cryochaps saddle pad makes an ideal Christmas present for your horse. 

White or grey. Dressage or jumping. £34.99 

For The Horse Battling the Dreaded Mud Fever: The Kyowave Mud Fever Boot

cryochaps kyowave mud fever therapy boot
Cryochaps Kyowave Blue Light Mud Fever Boot

Winter brings with it the onset of mud fever, and for some horses this is an especially stubborn condition. Hours spent picking scabs and applying lotions and creams can all be in vain as the mud fever refuses to budge. Turnout boots get soaked, covered in mud and inevitably lost in the quagmire, and often the things we do to try and alleviate the mud fever can actually make it worse. If your horse is prone to especially stubborn mud fever, then it’s time to try Kyowave.

Kyowave uses innovative blue light technology to target and kill the bacteria known to cause mud fever. The technology used here is already used to treat skin conditions in human medicine, and now it’s available for your horse. Our blue light boots are an alternative to standard mud fever therapies and have been shown to kill bacteria in lab-based studies.

Kyowave is available as a single boot or a pair. From £185.00

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Our range of Christmas gifts for horses is available to order now via our online shop. Whether you choose to treat your horse to a new saddle pad, ice boots or exercise boots, you will find it all here. We are always happy to help, so if you have any questions, simply contact us on Facebook or Instagram. Choose the best for your horse this Christmas. Choose Cryochaps.