Coverage of the Hock

Posted on September 2, 2020 by Categories: Cryochaps
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The hock is one of the most complicated joints in horses. The hocks are made up of 10 bones and 4 joints supported by several ligaments. This article briefly outlines the importance of the hock and how our cooling wraps for horses can be used to cool the hocks after exercise or injury. 

The Horse’s Hock

The hock is often likened to the human elbow. However, it is actually much closer to the human ankle in terms of its structure, movement and position. 

The horse’s lower leg – i.e. below the hock – is akin to the human foot. The bones below the fetlock joint (i.e. the pasterns and pedal bone) known formally as the first, second and third phalanx. These are akin to the boned found in the human toe.

Back to the hock: The hock is made up of 10 bones, including the tarsals and calcaneus. It is similar to the human ankle, in that it provides a hinge to extend and flex the hind legs and acts as a shock absorber. The calcaneus, which gives the hock its characteristic shape at the back, can be likened to the human heel.

Hocks are vital to the horse’s movement and performance. Whilst often not seen as being especially vulnerable to injury, bog and bone spavins, thoroughpins, capped hocks, osteochondritis dessecans (OCD) and osteoarthritis (OA) can affect the hocks. The hocks can also be injured out in the field, through knocks or bumps in the stable or horse box or during exercise. 

Absolute Wrap | Cooling Horse Hock Boots by Cryochaps

The image shows how the Absolute Wrap covers all the bones in the hock. This is important when icing for inflammation in the joint itself, for the full benefits of cooling and compression. Our Absolute Wraps come in really handy as part of your equine first aid kit. Furthermore, they can be used to cool the area after exercise. 

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