How to apply, Absolute Wrap

Use the instructions below to apply the CRYOCHAPS correctly

Step 1

Preparing and care of the wrap

Before placing in the freezer, distribute the gel evenly across the wrap. Make sure to push up, away from the bottom seam to get the gel evenly spread.

Ensure the wrap is dry before placing in the freezer.

Place flat in the freezer @ -18 to -24 degrees for a minimum of 24 hours.

The Cryochaps Absolute Wraps are designed to be left in the freezer permanently.

The seams are heat sealed, please monitor these to make sure they are intact and not being forced apart by pressure from too much gel pooling at the bottom.

Step 2

Preparing the leg and application

Wet the area where you are going to apply to make sure no air is in the hair, air will impede the cold transfer, then just wrap and strap. Pictures are over the page for exact fitting advice for the Pastern. They can be applied to knees, hocks and upper leg too.

Leave for 10-15 mins and repeat if required.

It is strongly advised to have the horse cross tied and monitor the horse throughout application of Cryochaps. The wrap can be damaged by teeth and if the horse tries to get them off by flexing their legs, this can lead to excessive pressure on the wrap, which can break the seals forcing the gel through the blue material.

Cryochaps should not be used on open wounds.

Do not leave on longer than 15 min, as this could lead to skin damage.

If your horse has sensitive legs, or clipped legs, it is advisable to cover the leg before application.

Take advice from your vet before using after injury.

Step 3

Wrap orientation for the pastern

Step 4

Wrapping the WETTED leg

Please see pictures and instructions for the Left Pastern:

Line up the wrap so the little heat seals are either side of the pastern at the back.

Secure the top strap first whilst holding the two bottom edges together.

When securing the bottom strap make sure it is between the shoe and hoof and no blue material is hanging down to be trodden on.

Re-tighten after a couple of minutes to ensure good contact to the pastern and hoof.

Entire pastern will be covered and most of the hoof.

Remove after 10-15mins, dry off, and push gel back up the wrap and return to the freezer.

Good for hocks, knees and upper legs too. Please see videos on how to apply.

Video guide