Cryochaps Ice Boots Review for a Suspensory Injury

How are Cryochaps Ice boots thought of by our customers. Penny and Eclipse won their Medium Bronze Area Festival last weekend, which given Eclipse was diagnosed with a suspensory injury exactly a year ago, was something at times they didn’t think would happen. Their path to recovery is explained below and why Crycochaps paid an important role in the rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation of the suspensory ligament

Having experienced managing a suspensory ligament injury in the past, we have been working with our horses to put together a program that helps support them physically in their work.  Soreness can build progressively and we believe that it is possible to have a proactive program to reduce the risk of injury and capture any reaction in the very early stages. 

Our program includes hacking on hard surfaces at least twice a week, (potentially more if work has been particular demanding) and icing with horse ice boots after schooling sessions to help recovery, this augmented by regular gait analysis to identify any potential reaction.

Why icing horses legs after exercise helps in rehabilitation

We have found icing with horse ice wraps to be particularly impactful, there is a noticeable build-up of heat during schooling and we have incorporated icing as a standard practice after these sessions.  We tried a number of ice boots for horses and Cryochaps have given a noticeably superior performance.  They are easy to apply and the wraps give an even distribution of cooling and pressure the result of which is apparent when they are removed; there aren’t the hot and cold spots you can find with other boots. 

Cryochaps – led by science

The team at Cryochaps have clearly invested a lot of thought and analysis into understanding the specific processes involved and used this to create a very effective range of products.  The impact of Suspensory injuries can be significant and it’s wonderful to have a company dedicating to raising awareness and understanding.