Why the Exoskeleton is the Ultimate Eventing Boot for Horses

Posted on July 31, 2023 by Categories: Exoskeleton
eventing boots for horses

Eventing boots have to be durable and versatile to stand up to the demands of the sport. A boot that protects the horse’s legs against impacts whilst allowing heat to escape efficiently is key to striking that crucial balance between protection and ventilation. Furthermore, an eventing boot that is easy to clean and quick to dry is super handy! There are so many eventing boots to choose from, Cryochaps believe we have developed the ultimate combination of durability, cooling, style and protection. Read on to discover why we believe the Exoskeleton is the ultimate eventing boot for horses.

The Exoskeleton Provides Excellent Strike Protection

Eventing comes with the inevitable risk of impacts to the horse’s legs. The vulnerable tendons in the back of the leg require protection against injury from impacts or overreach, especially when tackling a challenging cross country course. 

We had the Exoskeleton exercise boot impact tested against similar market leading exercise boots. When hit with a force of 5 joules, far less force was transferred through the Exoskeleton than any other boot. This superior impact protection makes the Exoskeleton ideal for eventing. 

How do we make the Exoskeleton so effective at protecting against strikes? 

Cryochaps work with a martial art manufacture that specialise in body protection for humans. Body armour has to be light weight and strong and certified to the highest levels of protection. The Exoskelton boot acts as an external skeleton to protect the lower leg. It features a hard TPU outer shell, which is known for its elasticity and strength, providing that all-important strike protection. This material can deform under sudden or sustained impact and revert to its original shape time and again, making it ultra durable. Meanwhile, the soft internal armour provides additional shock absorption and cushioning. Three layers in total, helping to prevent the impact forces travelling through to the leg and lessening blunt trauma injury.

The Exoskeleton Minimises Heat Build Up During Exercise

Eventing is a high-intensity sport for horse and rider. The soft tissues in your horse’s legs must work extra hard to take on the twists and turns of the showjumping round as well as the ultimate test that is cross country. As your horse’s tendons stretch and relax, they release energy, which generates heat. This heat can reach potentially harmful levels during fast work, and the additional insulating effect of exercise boots or bandages can further increase the temperature.

We know that when core tendon temperatures exceed 42.5°C, tendon cell degeneration starts to occur. In our tests, surface skin temperatures reached 38°C when the horse was wearing exercise boots. Given skin temperatures are thought to be around 5-6°C cooler than core tendon temperatures, it is reasonable to estimate that in this test the tendons may have exceeded the threshold at which tendon cell degeneration would start to occur. 

This does not mean that we should not use exercise boots. However, the insulating effects of boots should always be considered when choosing a set of eventing boots for your horse. The Exoskeleton exercise boots have been designed to minimise heat build up during exercise using a unique forced convection cooling system. 

How Does the Exoskeleton Work?

Unlike most vented tendon boots, which feature relatively small vents, the Exoskeleton has been opened up to create a series of extra large, strategically placed vents. As the leg moves forward with each stride, the tendon relaxes to create an air gap between the leg and the boot. This allows air to be channelled through the vents, cooling the rear of the leg. 

In our tests, the Exoskeleton was shown to keep the horse’s leg several degrees cooler than another market leading tendon boot, particularly during fast canter work. Furthermore, the leg cools to the starting temperature more quickly when using the Exoskeleton tendon boot. 

Lightweight and holds minimal water.

Eventing tends to involve plenty of mud, water and sweat! Horses will inevitably get tired as they progress through the course. It is important to give them every advantage to keep their strength for the whole course. Exoskeleton have been designed to be as light as possible and are one of the lightest boots on the market. The materials do not hold much water so they do not gain weight. It is adding weight to a horses leg which has been proven to change the gait considerably which saps energy.

Furthermore, unlike many other boots on the market, the Exoskeleton air flow boots do not contain neoprene. Instead, our exercise boots are lined with a specialised blended polymer, which holds minimal water, allows moisture to wick away easily and dries quickly and the increased air flow whilst running the course helps dry both the leg and the boot.

Make the Exoskeleton Your Next Set of Eventing Boots

The Exoskeleton tendon and fetlock boots make great eventing boots. Offering excellent strike protection, efficient ventilation and minimal water retention, the Exoskeleton is ideal for schooling, showjumping and cross country. Our tendon and fetlock boots are available in matching tan and black. Purchase the Exoskeleton tendon boots and fetlock boots today via our online shop and be ready to tackle your next event.