The new horse exercise boots from Cryochaps take you to a different level of cooling and protection.

Horse Tendon Boots That Allow Optimum Cooling

Cooling is at the heart of all Cryochaps products, and the Exoskeleton horse tendon boots are no different.

Heat build-up within the horse’s legs is a known issue with horse boots and bandages, due to their insulating effect. At Cryochaps, we dedicated ourselves to discovering what is required of an exercise boot to give the best cooling. What we have developed is a revolutionary horse tendon boot system that through a process of forced convection pushes air over the back of the leg to minimise heat build-up in the horse’s tendons. This is in addition to allowing heat to escape from the leg in a natural way with minimal insulation.

Exoskeleton exercise boots for horses do not just protect against brushing and tendon strikes. They also minimise potentially harmful heat build-up during exercise.

Protection from Brushing and Tendon Strikes

Exoskeleton brushing boots for horses protect against strikes, whilst minimising the build-up of heat in the horse’s lower leg. The main strike areas of the horse’s front legs have been studied and we have created maximum protection in these specific areas with a lightweight armour.

The Exoskeleton exercise boot is able to withstand high and repeated impact, with maximum durability. Strike areas are fully protected by both the external armour and internal materials, which are designed for the greatest shock absorption. The materials are soft and forgiving against the leg so they do not rub. The boot can deform under sudden or sustained impact and revert to its original dimensions without damage, providing ultimate shock absorption.

The boot does not hold water or sweat, which keeps the boot lightweight during intense exercise and conforms to FEI regulations.

The boots have been impact tested and compared to similar leading exercise boots and found to be more protective. Effectively, when they are hit with a large force, less force is transmitted through the Exoskeleton to the horse’s leg, than any other exercise boot.

Our tendon boots are designed to be used in any discipline. The Exoskeleton exercise boots are great for dressage, jumping, hacking and general wear.

Impact Tested Brushing Boots for Horses

Exoskeleton has been impact tested against similar market leading exercise boots. The graph below shows the force transmitted through the exercise boot. What it shows is far more force was transferred through the other boots compared to Exoskeleton.

Triple layer of Lightweight Armor with vents for Convection Cooling

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