Gifts for Horse Owners: Our Top Christmas Picks

Posted on November 13, 2023 by Categories: Cryochaps, Exoskeleton

The Power of Ice Bath Therapy, In a Boot: Cryochaps Ice Boots for Horses

Allowing the soft tissues in the horse’s lower legs to cool down properly after exercise is a key part of the post-workout recovery process.

The dedicated owner, regardless of their chosen discipline or level, will love the convenience of our ice boots and ice wraps, which can be quickly and easily applied and removed. Cryochaps are also a mess-free alternative to cold hosing, which tends to soak the yard and can cause a slipping hazard. Not to mention having to wait for the tap or wash bay to become available! 

The Cryochaps ice boots are available as the K2F ice boot, designed to cover all of the soft tissues in the lower limb, or the Absolute Wrap ice wrap, great for knees, hocks and pasterns. 

An added bonus of our ice wraps is that they come in handy for riders, too! When kept in the freezer, they are on hand for those common leg or arm injuries. Your horsey friend or family member will thank you next time they’ve been in the wars! 

Absolute Wrap £91.99 | K2F £49.99 – £174.50

On The Go: Cryochaps Cool Bag

For the competitive equestrian, or the one who likes to box up and head out to an arena, course hire or favourite hacking route, a cool bag comes in handy. The Cryochaps cool bag can be used to transport frozen Cryochaps along with essentials such as hair nets, studs and hoof picks. It also doubles up as a brilliant picnic bag to keep your drinks and sandwiches cool!

Cryochaps Cool Bag £49.99 

Style, Comfort and Protection: Exoskeleton Tendon and Fetlock Boots

Cooling is at the heart of all Cryochaps products, and the Exoskeleton tendon and fetlock boots are no different. We dedicated ourselves to discovering how to create the best airflow for cooling, without compromising on protection. 

The Exoskeleton is FEI-legal, so suitable for most disciplines at most levels. However, it’s always advisable to double-check with the relevant governing bodies as regulations do change. These boots are smart enough for competitions, and durable and versatile enough for schooling and hacking.

For those who love the coordinated equestrian look, we offer the Exoskeleton tendon boots and fetlock boots in matching black or brown.

Tendon Boots £85.00 | Fetlock Boots £55.00

One Can Never Have Too Many Saddle Pads

A quality saddle pad is the perfect gift for the horse owner who seems to have everything!

Saddle pads are a staple of the equine wardrobe. Worn for every ride, having a saddle pad collection is more than just a luxury: it’s a necessity! Having several saddle pads (in each colour!) allows riders to wash and rotate them regularly.

When it comes to saddle pads, the Cryochaps saddle pad stands out as an excellent choice for both schooling and competition. The superior comfort, durability and design of the Cryochaps saddle pad makes it a popular choice for our customers. The saddle pad is available in versatile grey and elegant white options, suitable for dressage and general purpose saddles.

Cryochaps Saddle Pad £34.99 

Shop With Cryochaps This Christmas

Give the gift of cooling and comfort this Christmas with Cryochaps. From ice boots to saddle pads, explore our premium range of products designed to help support comfort and performance. Make this festive season truly special for the dedicated horse owner in your life and their beloved equine companion. Shop the Cryochaps collection.