How to apply

Use the instructions below to apply the CRYOCHAPS correctly

Step 1

Preparing the wrap

Before placing in the freezer ensure gel balls are evenly distributed and in the middle four compartments push up from the bottom seam, past the first heat seal (heat seals marked in white in the picture) to prevent pressure on the bottom seam.

Place flat in freezer overnight for best results

Step 2

Preparing the leg

Wet leg before application. After exercise apply for 10-15mins. After injury 10-15mins is still recommended but repeat as often as possible.

Consultation with your vet is highly recommended before applying after injury and Cryochaps should not be placed directly on open wounds. If finely clipped or sensitive legs then cover with a wet thin, towel, jay cloth, tubigrip etc.

Step 3

Finding the correct placement

The branded label and Velcro section signify the outside of the wrap and should be kept outermost when applying to the leg. Please follow the instructions and pictures below;

R is for right leg

L is for left leg

HH is for Hind Leg

HF is for Front Leg

Cryochaps Cool Bag

Freeze Cryochaps overnight along with ice blocks, ice, water bottles. Place in cool bag and surround with iced articles. The Cryochaps Cool Bag will maintain Cryochaps temperatures below -15degress for up to 4 hours.

Step 4

Applying to the leg

The end of the gel section of the wrap, is placed to the front of the leg so the top of the wrap is just under the bony projection of the side of the knee or side of the hock.

Make sure the raised top section of the gel boot is aligned with the back of the leg

Wrap around the leg and secure the straps to the Velcro. I find it easiest to secure a middle strap first and then attach the top strap and work down.

Do not cup underneath the fetlock with the bottom strap, place around the fetlock for the best uniform compression.
Tighten after a couple of minutes to ensure the boot is secure to the leg as the Gel will soften once strapped on.

If your horse is uncomfortable with wearing boots or bandages and kicks out or significantly curls the fetlock joint when applying wraps or boots, you may run the risk of splitting Cryochaps. It is strongly advised to monitor the horse on the first few applications to make sure they are comfortable. Place the Cryochaps as high up the leg as feasible on the first few applications and do not ‘cup’ the fetlock with the bottom strap, just place around the fetlock not under it. If significant force is applied by mistake to the wrap, you could see signs of the gel leaking out, it is non toxic so do not panic, however you could void the warranty so apply with care initially until your horse is relaxed to wear a wrap!

Video guide