How To Use

Remove scabs

Before applying Kyowave you need to gently remove any scabs. A good way to remove the scabs is to soak the leg in warmwater and hibiscrub and gently rub the scabs until they come free.

Be careful not to make the area bleed as this means you have caused further damage to the protective outer layer of skin.

Clip the area

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For the first application you need to clip the leg for maximum results. Hair will reflect the bluelight so if you have hair covering the area the bluelight will not be as effective. Try to clip only the immediate area around the infection as the hair provides a protective layer to protect against further abrasions.

Apply Kyowave

Place the wrap on the leg making sure the LEDs are covering the areas
you require.

Connect the battery

Attach the battery to the side of the wrap and connect it by plugging the cable on the battery into the connector on the wrap. The blue lights will come on.

30 Leave for 30 mins and then remove

Additional Information

Kyowave should be applied every day until the areas which were scabby have begun to grow back hair, this could take many weeks.

If applying medicinal cream it is advised to apply after Kyowave application. Protective or barrier creams should only be applied prior to turnout.
If legs swell overnight whilst standing in the stable, it is advised to stable bandage the legs.