Introducing the Exoskeleton Fetlock Boots

Posted on January 11, 2023 by Categories: Exoskeleton
fetlock protection

Last year, we released the Exoskeleton tendon boots. Designed to provide excellent impact protection whilst minimising heat build-up in the lower leg, our exercise boots have been very popular with our customers. Now, we bring to you the Exoskeleton fetlock boots. Just like our tendon boots, these new fetlock boots are designed to provide excellent protection in the areas where it is needed most! 

Why Do Horses Need Fetlock Protection? 

During fast work, horses’ fetlocks can sometimes come into contact with the ground, which may result in injury to the fetlock. Strikes from the opposite leg can also cause injury. Furthermore, horses can knock their fetlocks on obstacles when hacking or jumping. 

A well-fitting, lightweight fetlock boot can help reduce the chance of fetlock injuries during exercise. The Exoskeleton fetlock boots are designed to be lightweight and breathable.

FEI Legal Fetlock Protection Boots

Our fetlock boots are designed to match our popular and innovative tendon boots. The Exoskeleton fetlock boots are designed to provide excellent protection against fetlock strikes and brushing. They are also FEI and BSJA legal for young horse competitions. 

The Exoskeleton fetlock boots have a smooth inside surface, and there are no pressure points on the inside of the boot. This helps to provide fetlock protection that is also comfortable for the horse.

The Exoskeleton fetlock boot has a maximum interior length of 16cm, and the width of the fastener is over 5cm. The fastening is non-elastic, made of Velcro and there are no hooks, buckles, or clips. The fastener does not double back on itself. At only 99g per boot, our fetlock boots are super lightweight and they are made of materials that do not hold lots of water. Our fetlock boots are also fast-drying, making them quick and easy to clean.

Exoskeleton Tendon and Fetlock Boots

You can now purchase matching exoskeleton tendon and fetlock boots. Super lightweight, quick and easy to apply and remove, and designed to hold minimal water, the Exoskeleton Tendon and Fetlock Boots are ideal for hacking, schooling and competing. 

Both products are available in black or tan, and you can order your tendon boots and fetlock boots today via our online shop.