Introducing Kyowave: Mud Fever Boots

Posted on May 4, 2021 by Categories: Kyowave
Kyowave Boots

Mud fever treatment in horses often involves the use of creams to kill the bacteria that cause mud fever. Meanwhile, barrier creams are used to prevent more bacteria from entering the skin whilst it heals. However, the issue of antibiotic resistance and the impracticalities of using these products prompted us to come up with a better solution. Kyowave offers a new mud fever solution using blue light therapy. This article introduces Kyowave and explains the science behind this innovative mud fever boot. 

What are Kyowave Mud Fever Boots?

Mud fever, also known as pastern dermatitis, greasy heels or cracked heels is a condition that commonly affects horses during the wet winter months. Horse owners have tried every cream, ointment and lotion on the market to little or no avail. Are you looking for an effective solution for mud fever in horses? Then look no further than Kyowave mud fever boots by Cryochaps.

Kyowave mud fever boots are an effective and innovative alternative to conventional mud fever treatments. Our mud fever boots have been shown to destroy the bacteria known to cause mud fever in horses. Furthermore, Kyowave mud fever boots are easy to use, rechargeable and portable. When used correctly, Kyowave can begin to work within eight days, clearing it completely in two months. 

Our mud fever treatment is:

  • Proven to kill bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Easy to use
  • Battery operated and rechargeable
  • Effective against the bacteria that cause mud fever
  • Portable and come in an easy-to-carry case

How Does Kyowave Kill the Bacteria that Cause Mud Fever in Horses?

Unlike traditional antibacterial creams and mud fever treatments, Kyowave harnesses the power of blue light technology to effectively destroy bacteria. Our mud fever boots have been shown to destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including MRSA, within 30 minutes.

How does it work? Blue light uses a mechanism known as photo-excitation of intracellular porphyrins to inactivate bacteria. This process causes the production of cytotoxic reactive oxygen species, which damage the bacterial cell’s internal structures. As a result, the cell dies. The specific wavelength of blue light used in Kyowave has been shown to be safe for your horse’s skin, whilst destroying the bacteria known to cause mud fever. 

Because of the way in which Kyowave works, it can effectively destroy even antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This is especially important in the fight against antibiotic resistance, which is becoming a major issue both in human and equine medicine.

Our mud fever boots have been tried, tested and shown to destroy bacteria. You can find out more about the science behind Kyowave mud fever boots here

Purchase Kyowave Mud Fever Boots Today

If you are looking for an innovative, effective and proven alternative to conventional mud fever treatments, look no further than Kyowave. Tried, tested, and shown to destroy bacteria, our mud fever boot is the ultimate weapon in the fight against mud fever. Kyowave mud fever boots by Cryochaps are available to purchase as a single boot or a pair. Head to our shop to purchase Kyowave today and wave goodbye to stubborn mud fever!