Introducing the Absolute Wrap

Posted on August 7, 2020 by Categories: Cryochaps
cryochaps equine ice wraps

It’s a busy time at Cryochaps with yet another product launch! This time it’s the Absolute Wrap. All the same awesome cooling, compression and malleability but now covering three key areas:

  1. Pasterns
  2. Hocks
  3. Knees

Customer feedback is key to product development and we have so many requests for Cryochaps to cover different areas of the legs. So we designed the Absolute Wrap. They come as a pair and are perfect to cool the pasterns. Pop them on after exercise with your Cryochaps K2F equine ice wraps to cover the whole leg from knee to hoof.

Additionally they can be used to deliver cooling and compression to key areas such as hocks and knees. Perfect to help with healing after injury.