Introducing the Cryochaps Saddle Pad

Posted on November 11, 2020 by Categories: Uncategorized
cryochaps saddle pad

Cryochaps are pleased to announce a new product – saddle pads! Of course, in our typical style, we have redesigned the traditional saddle pad to make sure they are of superior quality for your horse. 

Lightweight: As with all Cryochaps products, cooling and heat management is front and centre of our design. Our lightweight saddle pad guards against the horse getting as hot as some of the heavier saddle pads. This helps to reduce sweating, which can also help prevent discomfort in the saddle area.

Maximum Comfort: Horse welfare and comfort is central to our business philosophy. The Cryochaps saddle pad has no harsh seams or raised binding, and has been designed with your horse’s comfort and wellbeing in mind first and foremost. 

No Slippage: Our saddle pad is designed to be non-slip. The strap can be secured to the stirrup bar to keep the saddle pad firmly in place. No more rucking up underneath the saddle!

No Pressure: The Cryochaps saddle pad is designed to be longer than a standard saddle pad to ensure the saddle doesn’t sit over the binding and cause uneven pressure. 

No Rubbing: Our saddle pad is deigned to not rub, with soft binding.

Hardwearing: The material used has been chosen to stand up to daily use at home, out hacking or at a competition. 

Purchase the Cryochaps Non-Slip Saddle Pad

Available in white or grey and for your dressage or jumping saddle, our saddle pads are designed to help maximise the performance of your horse. Order your horse a cool, comfortable and durable saddle pad today via our online shop