Airflow Boots

Horse Tendon Boots That Allow Optimum Cooling

Cooling is at the heart of all Cryochaps products, and the Exoskeleton horse tendon boots are no different.

Heat build-up within the horse’s legs is a known issue with horse boots and bandages, due to their insulating effect. At Cryochaps, we dedicated ourselves to discovering what is required of an exercise boot to give the best cooling. What we have developed is a revolutionary horse tendon boot system that through a process of forced convection pushes air over the back of the leg to minimise heat build-up in the horse’s tendons. This is in addition to allowing heat to escape from the leg in a natural way with minimal insulation.

Exoskeleton air flow boots for horses do not just protect against brushing and tendon strikes, they also minimise potentially harmful heat build-up during exercise.

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