Blue Light

What Are Kyowave Mud Fever Boots?

Kyowave mud fever boots for horses offer a new, effective way of treating mud fever & bacterial and fungal skin infections in horses. Mud fever can be one of the most gruelling skin conditions to get rid off and it can take many months. In the course of treatment every possible method is tried. Box rest to keep the legs dry, washing and drying the legs every evening, various prescribed medications (including the ones with antibiotics and steroids), mud boots, the list goes on.

Kyowave mud fever boots are tried and tested on some of the worst cases of mud fever that have attempted to be treated over many months. Kyowave uses a special wavelength of blue light technology which is bactericidal. Treatment is needed every day and will take a minimum of 6 weeks to get to a stage of hair regrowth which signifies recovery.

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