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Cryochaps Absolute Wrap Pair


New design of Cryochaps, the Absolute Wrap

All the same awesome cooling, compression and malleability of The Original however…  now covering; Pasterns, Hocks or Knees. 

The Absolute Wrap is sold as a pair.


Cryochaps Cool Bag

The Cryochaps Cool Bag is a multi-functional bag.
It has 4 pockets, a drinks holder on the side and an elasticated mesh on the front
There are 2 large internal pockets, one designed to keep Cryochaps frozen for up to 6hours, with thick foam padding and foil lining.
This pocket will take a quad set of Cryochaps and a pair of Absolute wraps.
A truly multi-functional bag for when you are on the go, and need to keep Cryochaps frozen with no freezer at your disposal.

Cryochaps Saddlepad


New Saddlepad designs from Cryochaps.

Available for both dressage and jumping / close contact saddles. Designed for maximum performance.

Choose white or grey.

K2F Cryochaps Ice Wraps


New style – Knee to Fetlock and Hock to Fetlock – More Gel means they will stay cold for longer

Sizes: Horse Front and Horse Hind

Available as a single wrap, in pairs or a Quad set (Quad contains a front and a hind pair)

Kyowave – Mud Fever Wrap


KYOWAVE is a product from Cryochaps that can help in the fight against Mud Fever. It’s an easy to use boot that harnesses the bacteria killing benefits of blue light therapy.

Available as a single or double boot