Exoskeleton Fetlock Boots


The Exoskeleton Fetlock Boots are lightweight, durable boots designed for competition or everyday wear. Designed to protect against knocks and brushing to the fetlock, these boots are also easy to wash and quick to dry. The fastening system is a simple one-handed release, making these fetlock boots easy to remove and very quick to apply.

The inside of the boot has a smooth surface and there are no pressure points on the inside of the boot. The Exoskeleton Fetlock Boot’s fetlock protection has a maximum interior length of 16cm and the width of the fastener is over 5cm. The fastening is non-elastic, it is made of Velcro and there are no hooks, buckles, or clips and the fastener does not double back on itself.

They are very lightweight at only 99g per boot, and these fetlock boots are made of materials that do not hold lots of water and are fast to dry so horses do not have sweaty wet legs.

The Exoskeleton Fetlock Boots are FEI and BSJA legal for young horse competitions. Available in black or tan to match the Exoskeleton Tendon Boots, so why not kit your horse out in our matching tendon and fetlock boots for all-round protection?

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