Kyowave: Mud Fever Treatment


Kyowave is a new and highly effective mud fever treatment for horses. An easy-to-use boot, Kyowave harnesses the power of blue light technology to kill the bacteria that cause mud fever. Tried, tested and proven to work in the fight against mud fever.

Available as a single boot or a pair.

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Are you looking for an effective mud fever treatment for your horse? Look no further than Kyowave, the tried and tested mud fever boot for horses!

Mud fever, pastern dermatitis, greasy heels and cracked heels: All are names given to a condition that can take over your life as a horse owner. Usually seen in the wet winter months, mud fever can be a problem year-round. Heavy dew on summer mornings can cause skin lesions known as dew burn. Mud fever can become a major issue, especially when it is hiding unnoticed on hairy legs. The resulting soreness and swelling can cause obvious discomfort to your horse. 

Kyowave is tried, tested and proven to be an effective mud fever treatment. Our mud fever boots are designed especially to kill the bacteria that cause mud fever using blue light technology. Kyowave is simple to use: Just wrap, strap, switch on and leave for 30 minutes. 

Don’t let mud fever take over this winter. Arm yourself and your horse with Kyowave mud fever boots by Cryochaps. 

How to use Kyowave Mud Fever Boots:

  1. For best results we advise that you gently remove the scabs before use. This can be done by placing your horse’s leg in a bucket of warm water with hibi scrub added. Let the scabs soften and then in a circling action slowly agitate the scabs so they come away. It is important to try not to make the skin bleed as this will damage the outer skin layer further. 
  2. Dry with a clean towel and clip the area, trying to not take off too much hair in the surrounding area as this also serves to protect the horse’s leg against more abrasions from the mud. 
  3. Then apply Kyowave for 30 mins. 
  4. If you are also using an antibiotic cream then apply this after Kyowave application. 
  5. This should be repeated daily until the skin stops scabbing and the hair begins to grow back in the infected area, which could take several weeks.

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