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Posted on June 8, 2019 by Categories: Cryochaps, Exoskeleton
ice boots for horses

When icing or cooling the horse’s legs after exercise, we want to bring the temperature down as quickly as possible. Whilst cold hosing is often used, our purpose-built horse leg cooling boots are great at cooling the legs quickly and effectively. Cryochaps quickly cool surface leg temperatures to under 10 degrees. The below graph shows how, after the application of Cryochaps, there is a rapid change in the surface leg temperature. 

Why Do We Want to Cool the Horse’s Legs Quickly?

The external change in temperature has been seen in studies to create beneficial internal cooling. Rapid reduction of tissue temperatures after exercise brings with it three main benefits: 

  1. Constricts the blood vessels, which flushes waste products (e.g. lactic acid) from the tissues
  2. Decreases metabolic activity, which slows the processes that cause inflammation
  3. Reduces swelling and tissue breakdown

Once the ice and compression is removed, the legs begin to warm back up, causing the blood vessels to vasodilate and deliver oxygen to the area. This kickstarts the post-exercise healing and recovery process.

cryochaps horse ice boots

Why 10 Degrees Celsius?

Evidence from human studies suggests that a temperature of under 10 degrees Celsius and an immersion time of 10-15 minutes provided the best results. Therefore, Cryochaps ice boots for horses have been designed to cool the horse’s legs to below 10 degrees within just a few minutes. Like all of our products, Cryochaps ice boots are designed with science taking centre stage. Find out more about the science behind Cryochaps cooling boots for horses.

Cryochaps K2F Horse Leg Cooling Boots

Our cooling boots for horses are designed to provide knee-to-fetlock coverage of the all-important soft tissues. The Cryochaps K2F ice boot features a compression sleeve, which further aids cooling and helps bring those surface leg temperatures down. Cryochaps K2F are available as a front or hind pair of ice boots, or as a quad set of cooling boots. 

Cryochaps Absolute Wrap Cooling Boots for Horses

The Cryochaps Absolute Wrap is designed to provide cooling and compression to knees, hocks and fetlocks. This versatile ice wrap can be used after exercise or after injury to provide that all-important ice and compression. The Cryochaps Absolute Wrap is sold as a pair.