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We think our ice boots are the best equine ice boots on the market! We have spent years developing, testing and improving our ice boots. Customer feedback and satisfaction is of the upmost importance to us, so we are always looking at ways to improve our products. For quality ice wraps and cooling boots, look no further than Cryochaps!

Our ice boots are suitable for a wide range of horses and ponies. Whether your equine friend is a happy hacker, dressage horse or eventer, our ice wraps are ideal for use after exercise or after injury. Furthermore, they can be taken to competitions and training in our handy cool bag.

Shop now for the Cryochaps K2F ice boots, Cryochaps Absolute Wrap and the Cryochaps ice boots cool bag.

Shop Mud Fever Boots for Horses

Did you know that Cryochaps have developed a mud fever boot for horses? The Kyowave mud fever boot for horses is an innovative mud fever treatment. Kyowave mud fever boots for horses use blue light therapy to kill the bacteria known to cause mud fever in horses. Wave goodbye to stubborn mud fever with Kyowave!

Shop the Kyowave mud fever boots for horses. 

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K2F Cryochaps: Cooling Wraps for Horses


Knee to Fetlock and Hock to Fetlock the ultimate coverage tendon ice boot

One size will fit from 14.2hh upwards, there is a front wrap and a bigger hind wrap

Available as a single wrap, in pairs or a Quad set (Quad contains a front pair and a hind pair)

Cryochaps Cool Bag

The Cryochaps Cool Bag is a multi-functional bag.
It has 4 pockets, a drinks holder on the side and an elasticated mesh on the front
There are 2 large internal pockets, one designed to keep Cryochaps frozen for up to 6hours, with thick foam padding and foil lining.
This pocket will take a quad set of Cryochaps and a pair of Absolute wraps.
A truly multi-functional bag for when you are on the go, and need to keep Cryochaps frozen with no freezer at your disposal.

Cryochaps Absolute Wraps: Horse Leg Cooling Boots


The Absolute Wrap is a new design of Cryochaps. Made to cover the pasterns, hocks or knees.

All the same awesome cooling, compression and malleability of Cryochaps. Ideal for post-exercise recovery and for providing ice and compression in the event of an injury. 

The Absolute Wrap is sold as a pair.


Cryochaps Saddlepad


New Saddlepad designs from Cryochaps.

Available for both dressage and jumping / close contact saddles. Designed for maximum performance.

Choose white or grey.

Kyowave: Mud Fever Treatment


Kyowave is a new and highly effective mud fever treatment for horses. An easy-to-use boot, Kyowave harnesses the power of blue light technology to kill the bacteria that cause mud fever. Tried, tested and proven to work in the fight against mud fever.

Available as a single boot or a pair.