Surfaces that are too Soft or too hard, which causes injury?

Too soft and too hard – it’s like the three bears trying to find the right surface. An interesting article (found here), highlights the below useful tips to think about in your training.

  • Work your horse on a variety of different types of footing. If you always work on the same footing, your horse is ill-equipped to cope with any other type of footing.
  • Try to do some training on the same type of footing that you will compete on. Abrupt changes in footing are one of the leading causes of injuries.
  • Avoid inconsistent footing. Surfaces that have soft and hard spots, deep and shallow spots, or dry and slick spots can be dangerous.

It is not always possible to prevent those little strains during training but by using Cryochaps to Cool and Compress the leg, you could help target any heat and inflammation caused by exercise. horses-career

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