Exercise Boots and Bandages: How do They Affect the Tendons?

Posted on June 4, 2019 by Categories: Cryochaps, Exoskeleton
horse exercise boots and bandages

Many riders use exercise boots and bandages to protect their horses’ legs during exercise. But have you considered how horse exercise boots and bandages affect the tendons and other soft tissues in the lower leg? This blog article and video demonstrate the insulating effects of exercise boots and bandages on the soft tissues. 

How Horse Exercise Boots and Bandages Affect the Soft Tissues

The video below highlights the rise in temperature as your horse changes gait when wearing a bandage. A temperature gauge was placed on each foreleg – one was bandaged, whilst the other was left bare. 

The starting temperature of both legs was 21 degrees Celsius. After 10 minutes of walk, the temperature of the bandaged leg rose to 27.5 degrees. After 5 minutes of trot, the bandaged leg temperature rises a further 2.5 degrees, riding above 30 degrees Celsius in canter. In gallop, the temperature of the bandaged leg reaches close to 40 degrees Celsius. 

In this experiment, we are only measuring the external temperature of the lower leg. The core tendon temperature is expected to be severe degrees higher, meaning it could easily exceed the threshold at which tendon cell degeneration begins (42 degrees Celsius). 

Cool The Legs Quickly After Exercise with Cryochaps Ice Boots for Horses

It is always important to cool the legs effectively after exercise. However, this is even more important when the horse has been wearing exercise boots or bandages. Using Cryochaps ice boots for just 10-15 minutes after every exercise session helps to cool the legs effectively, kickstarting the post-exercise recovery process. Just wet your horse’s legs, and wrap and strap Cryochaps straight from the freezer.

Minimise Heat Build Up During Exercise With The Exoskeleton Horse Exercise Boots

Using boots and bandages is common practice cooling the legs as quickly as possible may help minimise any damage. But what if we could minimise the heat build up whilst still protecting our horses’ legs against knocks, bumps and overreach injuries during exercise? With the Exoskeleton exercise boot by Cryochaps, you can do just that. Patented forced convection technology forces air across the back of the leg, helping to take heat out of the leg as the horse moves. Discover the Exoskeleton exercise boots today and order our tendon boots and fetlock boots via our online shop.