Delayed Icing After Exercise

Posted on September 23, 2020 by Categories: Cryochaps
Ice Boots for Horses

Icing should always be a priority when it comes to post workout leg care in horses. Our ice wrap boots for horses are designed to be taken to shows and lessons. But what should you do if you forget to bring them with you?

We’ve all experienced that feeling: You leave for a competition and you just know you’ve forgotten something. Fast-forward to later on and you realise you didn’t bring your Cryochaps! However, did you know that applying Cryochaps up to 3 hours after exercise could still have benefits?

Obviously in an ideal world we would apply ice and compression immediately after exercise. However, studies indicate that application up to 3 hours after exercise could have benefits and is better than doing nothing!

A study in humans comparing no cold water immersion, cold water immersion directly after exercise and cold water immersion 3 hours after exercise returned the following conclusion:

“Performance of cold water immersion as a recovery procedure following exercise is better than performing no recovery procedure. Athletes, coaches and sport trainers should implement cold water immersion post-exercise irrespective of the time of administration. Where possible, cold water immersion should be performed immediately post-exercise to gain maximal recovery benefits.”

So, the next time you realise you’ve forgotten your Cryochaps, don’t despair! You can still apply them when you return home!

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Cryochaps ice leg wraps for horses are an easy-to-use, highly effective solution for post workout leg care. Our ice wrap boots for horses come in two different styles to fit the entire lower leg, or specifically for the pasterns, hocks or knees. We also make a cool bag designed to keep your Cryochaps frozen for up to 6 hours – perfect for competitions! Head to our shop to purchase Cryochaps today!