What Are the Best Dressage Boots for Horses?

Posted on June 24, 2022 by Categories: Exoskeleton
exoskeleton tendon boot

There are so many different types of exercise boot available, it can be hard to decide on what to buy. When looking for exercise boots for dressage and flatwork, there are a few considerations to bear in mind. This article outlines the key features to look for when shopping for exercise boots for dressage or flatwork. It also highlights why we believe The Exoskeleton from Cryochaps are the best dressage boots for horses! 

Lightweight Strike Protection

Dressage and flatwork is generally lower risk that jumping or cross country. However, horses can still injure their legs. Tight turns, extended gaits and lateral work can all result in knocks from overreach or strikes from the other legs. Strike and impact protection is a key consideration when shopping for exercise boots. As horse owners and riders, we want lightweight boots that provide excellent strike protection. 

The Exoskeleton Exercise Boot

The Exoskeleton exercise boot is ideal for dressage, flatwork and hacking. Lightweight protective material allows the boot to provide ultimate strike protection without holding water or sweat. The Exoskeleton was impact tested against similar market leading boots and was shown to provide superior protection. 

Minimising Heat Build Up

The other key consideration when purchasing dressage boots for horses is how effective the boots are at minimising heat build up. During exercise, the soft tissues in the horse’s lower leg generate heat. The demands of dressage – i.e. turns, transitions and lateral work – will contribute to heat build up. Excessive and prolonged heat can result in damage and even tendon cell death, so it is vital to cool the horse’s legs after exercise and, ideally, minimise heat build up in the first place. 

Whist many exercise boots feature lightweight mesh material or air vents, many do not and some are even lined with insulating material. The insulating effect of boots and bandages can cause heat to accumulate in your horse’s legs. Therefore, choosing a lightweight boot that allows heat to escape effectively is essential.

Forced Convection Cooling

The Exoskeleton exercise boot from Cryochaps is designed with cooling in mind. Our tendon boots use revolutionary forced convection cooling technology to draw air across the back of the horse’s leg as it moves through the “flight” phase. This system cools the rear of the leg, where most heat build up occurs, thereby minimising this heat build up. 

The Exoskeleton | Lightweight Horse Boots

We all want the best for our horses, and if you’re looking for the best dressage boots for horses, why not invest in The Exoskeleton from Cryochaps? Science is at the heart of what we do, and the science of cooling is what we do best. You’ve already heard of Cryochaps ice boots, which bring the power of cryotherapy to your horse’s post-exercise routine. Now we bring to you the Exoskeleton, the revolutionary tendon boot that minimises heat build up during exercise. The Exoskeleton tendon boots for horses is now available to purchase via our website. 

Please note: Always check with your governing body if you intend using these boots for competition.