What Are the Best Tendon Boots for Horses?

Posted on September 2, 2022 by Categories: Exoskeleton
exoskeleton tendon boots for horses

Tendon boots are an important part of your horse’s wardrobe. They help to support and protect the tendons in the horse’s lower leg from knocks and strike impacts. With so many tendon boots available on the market, it can be difficult to know which product is right for your horse. This blog article outlines what to look out for when choosing tendon boots for your horse, and why we believe our Exoskeleton tendon boots are the best on the market!

Excellent Strike Protection

The main function of tendon boots is to protect the horse’s tendons from strike impacts. Due to where it is situated, the SDFT is especially vulnerable to overreach injuries. 

A good tendon boot will provide excellent protection to the SDFT and other tendons in the lower leg, so your horse is protected against strikes and overreach injuries. 

The Exoskeleton tendon boot provides ultimate protection from brushing and strikes. The main strike areas of the horse’s front legs have been studied and we have designed the Exoskeleton to give maximum protection to these specific areas. Furthermore, the Exoskeleton has been designed to withstand high and repeated impacts. The boot, comprised of an external skeleton and internal secondary armour, can deform and revert to its original shape, providing excellent shock absorption. 

When tried and tested against similar leading tendon boots, the Exoskeleton was found to be more protective. When The Exoskeleton is hit with a large force, less force is transmitted through the Exoskeleton to the horse’s leg (under 6,000 Newtons compared with over 10,000 Newtons for some tendon boots).

Moisture Wicking & Non-Rubbing

Tendon boots also need to be comfortable for the horse. A boot that holds water and sweat will become heavy and begin to rub. This is uncomfortable for the horse and can impede performance. 

When choosing a tendon boot for your horse, look for one that will wick away the moisture. This will keep it lightweight and preventing it from rubbing. 

Not only does the Exoskeleton provide excellent impact protection, it is also designed to remain lightweight and comfortable. The boot does not hold water or sweat. Furthermore, the soft internal fabric is soft and forgiving against the horse’s leg, which prevents rubbing. The internal spacer fabric provides cushioning and wicks moisture away from the leg.

No matter whether your horse is splashing through the water complex or working up a sweat, the Exoskeleton will remain lightweight and comfortable.

Minimising Heat Build Up

Whilst tendon boots are an essential item of kit for many horses, they do have an insulating effect on the legs. We know that excessive heat can damage tendon cells, which prolongs recovery time and may over time lead to injury. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a tendon boot that minimises heat build up in the lower legs. 

The Exoskeleton uses an innovative convection cooling system to force air across the back of the leg as the horse moves. As the leg moves forward through the flight phase, the tendons and ligaments relax. This creates an air gap between the boot and the leg, and air is forced across the leg through the strategically placed air vents. This helps to cool the back of the leg, where most heat build up is created. 

The Exoskeleton Tendon Boots by Cryochaps

When looking for tendon boots for your horse, you need a product that is protective against impacts, comfortable and lightweight, and that helps to minimise that potentially harmful heat build up. The Exoskeleton by Cryochaps does all of these things, and it has been tried, tested and developed for maximum performance. If you are looking for a high-performance tendon boot designed with your horse front and centre, choose the Exoskeleton. 

Your horse’s legs are precious. Protect them with The Exoskeleton