What is the Best Mud Fever Treatment for Horses?

Posted on January 24, 2022 by Categories: Kyowave
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Many horse owners want an answer to the question: what is the best mud fever treatment for horses? There is a vast range of products on the market designed to help tackle mud fever. Some options work better than others. This depends on your horse, the severity of their mud fever and how effectively you apply the product. This article looks at the different options for beating mud fever in horses and outlines how our Kyowave mud fever boots work to combat mud fever causing bacteria.

Mud Fever Prevention is Better than Cure

As with anything involving your horse’s health and wellbeing, prevention is better than cure. Ideally, exposure to the wet, muddy conditions that cause mud fever should be limited. This may involve adapting your pasture management practices, providing hardstanding or even stabling your horse. However, this is not possible for many horse owners.

Allowing your horse’s legs to dry off completely before brushing the mud off is also a good idea. You may also want to consider clipping your horse’s feathers off during the winter. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for horse owners to prevent mud fever entirely. As many horse owners will know, mud fever is a stubborn condition that can rear its ugly head year after year, despite their best efforts to prevent it. 

Mud Fever Boots as a Preventative 

Traditional mud fever boots, otherwise known as turnout boots, are often used as a preventative measure. They are designed to prevent mud fever by keeping the horse’s lower legs clean and dry. However, turnout boots may not always be the easy option when it comes to preventing mud fever. Unfortunately, horses will often lose their turnout boots whilst out in the field. Furthermore, the wet and the mud will eventually get though as the boots become soaked. Hence, turnout boots need to be changed, washed and dried regularly. Wet or poorly-fitting turnout boots can potentially make mud fever more likely as they rub on the horse’s legs. 

Antibacterial Creams

It is common for horse owners to apply an antibacterial cream in order to combat mud fever. These creams are designed to kill the bacteria that cause mud fever.

However, we are seeing in the equine world an issue that already exists in human medicine. The problem of antibiotic resistance is a serious one. Worryingly, there is already widespread concern that the improper use of wormers is leading to wormer resistance. This is dangerous to horses because it makes it much harder to treat and prevent worm infestations. 

Antibiotic resistance may also become an issue when dealing with mud fever. This is because improper use of antibiotic creams could contribute to antibiotic resistance. Also, you should bear in mind that mud fever can also be caused by mites or fungus, in which case antibiotics may not always work.

A New Kind of Mud Fever Boot for Horses

Kyowave, our mud fever boot for horses, is an innovative new product designed to destroy the bacteria that cause mud fever using blue light. Blue light therapy is already being used to treat acne in humans, and Kyowave has been tried, tested and proven in lab tests to kill the bacteria that cause mud fever.

Unlike the traditional mud fever boot, our mud fever boots for horses are designed to be used for 30 minutes daily. First, we advise that you gently remove the scabs, before thoroughly drying and clipping the affected area. Then, apply Kyowave for 30 minutes and allow the blue light to get to work. Kyowave mud fever boots are easy to apply: simply wrap, strap and switch on! Our mud fever boots are also fully portable and rechargeable, so you don’t need to have mains electric access at the yard. 

Purchase Kyowave Mud Fever Boots Today

To conclude this article, the best way of dealing with mud fever is actually to prevent it as far as possible. Good management should always be a horse owner’s priority, with the emphasis being on preventing mud fever in the first place and not allowing it to deteriorate if it does arise. However, many horse owners will encounter mud fever at some point, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. Kyowave mud fever boots are a tried and tested against mud fever causing bacteria. Purchase Kyowave mud fever boots today.