Why is Removal of Icing and Compression Important?

Posted on June 20, 2021 by Categories: Cryochaps
Ice Compression Boots for Horses

During exercise, the tendons in a horse’s leg generate heat. This can lead to micro trauma. Fast or intense work can cause the soft tissues to heat up even more. Furthermore, exercise boots and bandages have an insulating effect, which increases the temperature of the horse’s tendons further. Ice and compression may help to reduce inflammation and aid recovery after exercise or injury. However, it is important that ice and compression are applied properly in order to be effective. This blog article outlines why the timely removal of ice and compression is important, and how it can help the soft tissues in a horse’s leg after exercise or injury. 

Why Ice and Compression Are Important

Ice and compression may help to reduce inflammation, relieve pain and help the horse’s tendons and other soft tissues recover more quickly after exercise or injury. Icing helps to restrict the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area by narrowing the blood vessels. This is known as vasoconstriction.

Furthermore, icing the horse’s legs after exercise helps to quickly remove the heat from the leg. Excessive heat in the soft tissues can result in micro trauma or micro damage – tiny tears or abrasions in the soft tissues. This is more likely after a horse has done fast work or has been wearing boots or bandages.

What Happens When Ice and Compression Are Removed from a Horse’s Leg?

Whilst the application of ice and compression can help after injury or exercise, their removal is just as important. Cryochaps provide ice and compression, which can accelerate the healing of any minor internal tweaks and tears when they are removed.

After the removal of ice and compression, there is a rush of oxygen into the area that kick starts the healing process. Therefore, it’s not only the initial reduction in blood flow that is important, but also the increased oxygenation that occurs when ice and compression are removed. 

It is recommended that Cryochaps be applied for 10-15 minutes at a time before being removed. 

Cryochaps Compression Ice Boots for Horses

The tendons in a horse’s leg are vital to performance and wellbeing, so they need to be looked after. Caring for your horse’s tendons and soft tissues is a key to helping him perform at his best. Cryochaps compression ice boots for horses provide ultimate cryotherapy for the horses’ tendons and other soft tissues. Our ice boots for horses can be used after exercise or after injury. They can be easily integrated into your horse’s post-exercise cool down routine, and are easily transported using our Cryochaps cool bag. You can purchase Cryochaps ice boots direct via our online shop.