Why Wet the Leg Before Applying Cryochaps?

Posted on June 12, 2021 by Categories: Cryochaps

Science is art the heart of what we do here at Cryochaps, and our product design is always based on science. This also applies when it comes to using our products. When using Cryochaps ice boots, we recommend wetting the leg before applying the ice wraps. This is because it makes the cooling so much more effective. This blog article provides a simple explanation of the science behind this. 

Why Should You Wet the Legs Before Applying Cryochaps?

Wetting the legs before applying the Cryochap prevents there being any air gaps between the leg and the ice boot. An air gap would reduce the heat transfer away from the leg, meaning the cooling is less effective. 

Think about double glazing in your home. The air gap between the two glass panes in the window reduces the amount of heat that can travel out of your house through the glass. When we think about home insulation, we want to keep the heat in. When it comes to cooling your horse’s legs, the opposite is true! 

When applying Cryochaps ice wraps, it is vital the air gap is removed so heat loss CAN occur, ultimately leading to reduced temperature in the horse’s leg.

Simple but very effective!

Cryochaps Ice Wrap Boots for Horses

Cryochaps ice boots and leg wraps are designed to help optimise your horse’s post-exercise cool down routine. Our ice boots are designed to provide excellent knee-to-fetlock cooling, and out Absolute Wrap ice wraps are handy for knees, hocks and fetlocks. Cryochaps are designed to be used after every exercise session, including dressage, jumping, hacking or lunging. You can purchase the Cryochaps K2F ice boots, the Cryochaps Absolute Wrap ice wraps, and the Cryochaps cool bag via our online shop.